An Email Marketing Suite - Case Study

Project Overview

We were tasked by our client to redesign their website and email marketing platform. In order to achieve our goal of providing both a visually stunning and easy to use application, we had to create a perfect balance of beauty and efficiency. The client made it clear that they needed a complete overhaul of their design and made it clear that they wanted to be more in tune with modern design trends. The project was done in Photoshop and from start to finish it took 3 and half weeks to complete both the website and emailing platform.


One of the initial things our client made clear was that they wanted something more in tune with modern design trends in terms of layout. Throughout the web, we are observing that the best designers are adapting a “less is more” approach in terms of laying out elements of a website and creating a nice balance of white space. In its previous state, the application felt cluttered and compressed, due to the fact that there was very minimal white space throughout. We made it clear to the client that creating more white space creates a very modernized look and also draws more attention to the most important elements of a website and platform. The structure of the actual emailing platform was custom designed and did a great job of creating an easy to follow process that looks both simple and beautiful.


We went with a nice Open Sans font because Sendlane is a rather complicated application for a beginning user. As a beginning user you want everything to be as simple as possible, including how easy it is to read text. Open Sans is optimized for legibility across print, web, and mobile interfaces. It has a design optimized towards legibility onscreen and at small sizes.


The overall style we chose was a simplistic linear style. These icons provide a solid clean look and do not oversaturate the design with bright colors or thick lines. It is a perfect complement to the simplicity of the Open Sans font.

Color Scheme

For the color scheme the client wanted to stay with their original colors from their previous design. Overall, the color scheme does a great job of creating a casual and attractive atmosphere for a user. The pink and blue compliment each other well and look excellent over a clean light background.

Addional Elements

To design the forms and modules, we stayed with a traditional top to bottom layout. We incorporated a healthy amount of white space, but balanced it out by using a bright pink color to highlight the important or selected elements. We avoided using too much color because the idea behind the modules is to guide the user through the process, and by keeping it simple with two colors the user does not feel overwhelmed or distracted.

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